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The Veterans Promise Campaign
To build the nation's largest supportive housing community for our Veterans and their families, the Veterans Promise Campaign needs community investment in seven key priority areas to help transform the West LA VA North Campus.


The West Los Angeles Veterans Collective is deeply committed to the successful transition of military Veterans and their families through the provision of service-enriched housing that promotes recovery, wellness, and a more hopeful future.


In keeping with the spirit of the original 1888 conveyance and the vision of the Draft Master Plan, the West Los Angeles Community Plan envisions a vibrant, cohesive, and supportive residential neighborhood for homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families on the North Campus of the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus.

community plan


additional permanent


restored historic structures


High-quality mixed-use buildings


new or restored community open spaces


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The West Los Angeles Veterans Community Plan encompasses over seventy acres of the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs North Campus and will be home to over 2,000 Veteran residents.
Campus Overview
Explore our Campus Map and learn more about each zone:
Healthcare Care Coordination Veteran Residence Town Center Enterprise Open Opace


Centered on the Main Hospital [Building 500], the Healthcare Zone makes up the entire South Campus - the GLA property south of Wilshire Boulevard. The Main Hospital, administrative headquarters, and auxiliary buildings are contained within a ring-road that provides connection to Wilshire Boulevard, the I-405 Freeway, and transit node - with the future Purple Line Metro Subway Station.

Care Coordination

The majority of the Care Coordination Zone is made up of services and accommodations for longer-term patients of the Healthcare Zone. There are historic Domicile buildings that are organized symmetrically along the parade grounds, within the defining triangle roads. The zone also contains the Wadsworth Chapel, Wadsworth Theater, Rose Garden, and the Los Angeles National Veterans Park southern edge of expansive outdoor spaces and cultural sites.

Veteran homes

The fan-roads will host over one thousand permanent supportive homes for Veterans, creating a new neighborhood that makes up a majority of the built-out portion of the North Campus of the GLA property. Adaptively reused historic structures and new buildings will come together to form an engaging neighborhood of homes, amenities, places for service providers, and open spaces - much of which focuses on the historic walk and wellness trail.

Town center

The Town Square will serve as the community hub for the GLA property, and will include additional permanent supportive homes, administrative and civic-like functions, and neighborhood-serving commercial activity. It is formed by the Town Hall [Building 13], Domicile buildings, and the New Pershing Avenue, which will be augmented by the old Barrack Building and streetcar depot structure.


The Enterprise Zone contains a collection of industrial structures that host support functions for the GLA property, enterprise partners, and accessory uses centrally located in the various zones. Davis Avenue is a central organizing spine for the various industrial functions, with the historic superintendent home [Building 33] and Steam Plant [Building 295] as prominent gateways to the area.

Open Space

The northern extents of the North Campus are made up of a variety of outdoor spaces, programmed and untamed. The diversity of outdoor spaces includes sports facilities, public park space, multiple community gardens, forested areas, the Columbarium extension of the Los Angeles National Cemetery, and a collegiate baseball stadium - all oriented towards engaging Veterans and the surrounding community.


The West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus has a long and evolving history of serving our Veteran community.
The West LA Veterans Collective recognizes the value that the physical and cultural history of the campus offers for our ability to serve the growing needs of our Veterans in the future. While we are planning for this future, we've already started acting upon it.

Therapeutic community plan

This Veteran-serving community will include Case Management, Veteran support, and Health and Wellness services to provide a caring environment for residents to heal and grow. Learn more about building a Therapeutic Community.

Planning a Veteran-serving neighborhood on the West LA VA campus has involved many agencies, consultants, and stakeholders - spending thousands of hours on research, analysis, consideration, and design. The West Los Angeles Veterans Community Plan is being built upon these documents, plans, and surveys.


Help us create a Veteran-serving neighborhood


The West Los Angeles Veterans Collective is a world class, locally-rooted, mission-driven team with a deep history of Veteran-specific development and service provision. Our team is deeply committed to the successful transition of military Veterans and their families through the provision of service-enriched housing that promotes recovery, wellness, and a more hopeful future.