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2024 Community Impact Report Now Available

The Veterans Collective is pleased to share the 2024 Community Impact Report for the West Los Angeles VA North Campus, highlighting our progress from the last year toward building the largest permanent supportive housing community for Veterans in the country.

We reached a momentous milestone with more than half the 1,200 planned units proposed in the master plan having been completed or under construction. Work to date spotlights significant movement toward mitigating homelessness in Los Angeles, which unfortunately still has the largest concentration of homeless Veterans in America.

The vision of the North Campus transformation is to leverage significant partnerships among The Veterans Collective—made up of Century Housing, Thomas Safran & Associates and U.S.VETS—and the Department of Veterans Affairs, government leaders, foundations, the private sector and individual donors to create a vibrant, cohesive and supportive residential neighborhood for unhoused and at-risk Veterans and their families.

2024 Community Impact Report

We invite you to learn more about how we’re directly addressing the needs of Veterans and ensuring they have a place to call home and the support services to help them keep it. You can show your support by giving to the Veterans Promise Campaign and help us deliver on the vision for Veteran housing in a therapeutic community intentionally designed for the health and well-being of our residents, giving them a reason to hope again.

We are grateful to our extensive network of supporters working alongside us to make this transformation possible and maintaining faith in our efforts to one day end Veteran homelessness once and for all. Our nation’s heroes deserve to prosper and live in dignity.

View the 2024 Community Impact Report