Veterans Plaza Concept

Making Connections


The Principal Developer is pleased to elaborate upon our vision for the Veterans Plaza. Click here to download our Veterans Plaza handout. The Veterans Plaza represents the heart of the supportive housing community on the North Campus. It will provide opportunities for Veterans to engage with services and resources, socialize and meet friends, participate in events, attend outdoor concerts and other community gatherings, share a meal at a Veteran owned and operated cafe, conduct business, visit the fitness center or library, seek employment or educational opportunities and training programs, or simply to connect with fellow Veterans in a warm and welcoming space.

Along with approximately 341 units of high quality supportive housing, The Veterans Plaza includes over 90,000 square feet of non-residential commercial space around a network of outdoor spaces and supportive housing to provide Veteran-serving amenities, recreation, arts spaces, vocational training and socialization opportunities for both resident Veterans and Veterans from beyond.